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Peeping Tom

I shuddered a little in the slight cold and wrapped my bed spread around myself to stifle it. All before me was dark and I had to wait for a little while before my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Why was I awake? I ran a tired hand over my face and looked around me at my small dingy room.

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She was a romantic at heart and believed in love on a very primal level. Although she had to admit that after so many years, a part of her had totally given up on men. The challenge was, most people would never believe she had these issues because of how she looked.

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The Toymaker

“I’m happy he’s dead.” Said one.
“He was a useless man.” Said another.
They could hear a mourner speaking from the podium saying, “He was so kind, so full of life. We didn’t always get along, but he was a man who deserved respect.”

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The Seventh Circle

Timi couldn’t wait to celebrate their anniversary which was still a good nine months away so he decided that they’d toast to new beginnings on the day that marked one year since they met. One year during which he was made to chase after a girl who made the others he’s had pale in comparison. One year since they met at the Motion Ground on campus.

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Growing up, she was a loudmouth who radiated an unreal brand of confidence wherever she went. As a student in primary and secondary school, she was not the smartest or the best at anything, but she always believed that things would work out for her and they usually did.

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