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Demon Bakery

She wished she could follow the woman and her child, but they had left in a hurry. Probably home to enjoy their weekend. Talia had no plans for the weekend. She needed to bring proof to the gang. A few weeks back she noticed something strange about the bakery. Everybody who bought their treat always disappears. Only to turn up a week or two later, entirely different.

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The Smile Mask

She would be the closest person to understand why I was sitting in a dark room with my knees against my chin, why I had that lost look on my face. My feelings were roiling at the moment, I wasn’t sure I understood what it why either.

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As a child, she never excelled at anything that required physical effort and as a result, flunked all her Physical Education classes. At first, her parents thought this meant she had intellectual inclinations but to their disappointment, she turned out to be an average student.

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Story V

Traffic on Lekki Phase 1, Admiralty road isn’t exactly an abnormal thing. It’s expected. Especially at night. Hard working Nigerian hurrying home or trying to hurry home. Never giving an inch of space to those who want to cut in front of them. The horns blast as the head light beam in all directions. It’s chaos.

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There should be a level, higher than the others for persons like me who sit beside reading posts all day. When he leaves for mission school, he doesn’t need to take his books out of the verandah. He knows I will keep an eye on them till he returns.

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