The Musty Corner started as an idea for a book club, but overtime it evolved into so much more.

We realized that we had our sights on something so much bigger and a website is the first step to the realization of that goal.

The Musty Corner is more than just a website, a blog or a place to read cool stuff (yes, we have a lot of cool stuff). It’s a community that brings lovers of fictional literature together, readers and writers alike.

We noticed that the average Nigerian doesn’t love to read books, and the people that love to read books either prefer to read foreign fiction or to read Nigerian/African Literature that addresses a political, ethnic or socio-economic theme.

Is there anything wrong with this? Of course not.

But this makes us wonder about the art in this country. Where are the people that read books just for the sake of the art? Where are the books written just for the sake of Literature and telling a wonderful story? Where are our fantasy, thriller, horror, erotica, drama and sci-fi novels?

These books exist but they are not enough. Most people have created their own blogs just so they can tell their stories.

We exist simply to create platforms for lovers of stories to share their stories and ideas.

This website is simply one of those platforms and we do hope you stay.



The Musty Corner Team.