Articles Written by Cheyi Okoaye

I'm drawn to dark themed literature, mostly because I see it as the safest way to allow our inner darkest desires or 'demons' manifest. I owe my writing style to my master, Dante Alighieri, whose methods and format (tezra rima) I try to emulate. Asides Dante, most of what I write have deep influences from rock songs, most notably Alice in Chains.

A Brief Conversation

A mans sits in the middle of the park. Brooding, perhaps. It’s snowing, not so heavily but enough to be wrapped up. He wasn’t wrapped up. He was dressed moderately.

Not how you dress in December, not in this side of the country. His head, bowed down. Thinking, perhaps. He’s surrounded by children. They play, loudly. Occasional screams; nothing loud enough to break his concentration. No.

Yes, he’s thinking now. So much so, he doesn’t notice the child sitting next to him. The child is properly dressed for the weather but still, feels the sting of the December winter. It’s really cold.

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