Hey everyone, it’s Halloween season.

I’m sure right now a lot of people are getting their costumes ready, planning parties or better still planning to crash parties. Some other people are probably looking for a book or two to read in the dead of the night under the sheets (people like me).
If you fall into the latter category, I’m sure you already have some of your Stephen King and Dean Koontz books ready so I’m not here to talk about those awesome guys. I’m here to tell you about a couple of African Horror Writers that you probably didn’t know about (yeah, they exist).

Okay, I’m done with this introduction. Let’s jump right into it shall we?

NUZO ONOH– Nuzo is the daughter of the late ex-governor of old Anambra State, Nigeria Dr. C.C Onoh. A Nigerian-British writer, Nuzo is slowly paving the way for Nigerian horror stories. In a society where African Horror is seen and portrayed in a negative light, Nuzo stands strong in her beliefs that it should be recognized as a literature genre (and I agree with her, obviously).


Nuzo Onoh

She has written three books so far namely,
– The Reluctant Dead (2014)

– Unhallow Graves (2015)

– The Sleepless (2016)


S.L. GREY– S. L. Grey is the alter ego of South African authors Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg. Sarah writes a variety of books under a variety of names (believe me, this woman is the queen of alter egos), a screenwriter and lover of macabre themes; she partners with Louis who is has a master’s degree in vampire fiction (yes, apparently that exists) to create the amazing S.L. Grey.

Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg aka S.L. Grey

Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg aka S.L. Grey

Together they’ve created amazing works such as;
– Downside Trilogy {The Mall, The Ward, The New Girl} (2010, 2012, 2013)

– Under Ground (2015)

– The Apartment (2016)
There you have it; two authors you absolutely must check out. Before I go, I feel like I need to recommend a book from each author.

This is a tough call, but for your Halloween pleasure I recommend (drumroll please);

The Sleepless by NUZO ONOH and UNDER GROUND by S.L. Grey.


Under Ground

Under Ground

The Sleepless

The Sleepless

Till next time everyone, have a spooky Halloween.