Lagos Transport Wahala

As we move, the driver asks them to pay and they start paying 100 naira, The driver says he cannot collect it and suddenly..Okay, i don’t know what happened, I shaa know that they start abusing someone sitting, telling him to mind his business, raining abuse after abuse like a combo breaker on the poor dude.

 You can’t complain as the heat and breeze alternates between every one of them. You just find yourself squeezing your face and trying and begging God if he truly he exists not to make you have an Asthma attack there and then.

Easy Choices

“That’s why I love you” Krysty said, reassured. If Ndidi was there, everyone would have to behave, because both sides also knew him and he got along well with everyone, so it would balance things out.

She dropped the phone and turned to Tolani


She ran through the pathway and when she got to the riverbank, she sat down and began to sob. Deep down she knew the answer to Fred’s question and she didn’t like it.

Moby Dick

I sat at my table. It was Wednesday. I had sandwiches and a ginger beer on Wednesdays. I sat silently observing everyone around me. A woman who was trying to shut up her two year old in vain, the potbellied man who looked at the daily paper like he was going to enter into its black and white depths, the sullen looking teenager who wouldn’t stop chewing on gum, smacking his lips in sickening fashion.

A Day In The Life Of Superman

Clark cracked open his eyes. The sun had just started to come out in all its glory. It took him some time to get his bearings as he stared at the ceiling. He tried to shake off the depression he felt creeping in, but it just kept coming. He sighed

Lois stirred beside him. He turned to her and smiled. It had been almost a decade, and she still looked as beautiful and feisty as ever. He was still as in love with her as he was the first time he saw her. Her almond shaped eyes, her strong nose and the hard line that was her mouth; even now she was frowning slightly in her sleep. Then slowly, as Clark watched, she opened her eyes. She saw him and smiled.


In a galaxy not so far away, I stood in the command centre of the ‘Sinero’ (don’t ask i have no idea why we named it that either) and took in the sights I was privy to through the strong Plexiglas that stood between us and outer space.

The space station was the pride and joy of our defence corps; it has regularly been defined as the sturdiest structure in the world. We were probably the most elite force in the world but we didn’t even have a name; we just kinda called ourselves the defence corps. That was it, but we were feared and revered all over the world.

The Girl Called Fortunate

I’ve been told the stars have names, every single one of them. That some people who did not have problems decided to pass their time by naming them. White people! How is that even possible? There are too many of them and they all look alike, how could the namers tell them apart?

I try to concentrate more as I look at them, to see if I will notice some differences that had earlier eluded me but I see none, the only difference is that some are bigger and brighter.

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