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Growing up, she was a loudmouth who radiated an unreal brand of confidence wherever she went. As a student in primary and secondary school, she was not the smartest or the best at anything, but she always believed that things would work out for her and they usually did.

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The Breakout

I met Bolaji on one of the days I’d visited Zee. They seemed to be just friends, just like I was with her. On my part, I hoped for something more but she always said she wasn’t sure she was ready for a boyfriend because she valued her independence. Good thing I hadn’t asked so I just kept my mouth shut. Maybe that was Bolaji’s situation too and we were mutual jailbirds in ‘Palcatraz’, but Zee never mentioned that he harboured romantic feelings – she usually told me everything. Perhaps, he had kept his mouth shut, just like me.

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Blind Date

Olisa was finally fine with his look. He looked pretty good. His oval face didn’t look so splotchy today. His straight nose didn’t look off center and his full lips didn’t look like a walrus’. All in all he looked pretty good if he could say so himself.

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