You once asked me to write a happy poem

“Why so gloomy babe? The world is beautiful”


For you My Love,

I could write about the sun rise

Kissing my face gently at dawn

As I wake, tangled with you

After long nights


I won’t mention the emptiness

I now feel at those moments

Those same rays, now unwelcome intruders

When I am here alone

My only company, the demons that you left


I could worship the rainbows and trees

The things alluring to all poets

The way rainy days warmed my heart

Lying in bed, safest in a book

And in your arms around me

Cotton sheets on bare skins


I won’t discuss the way I now shiver at thunderstorms

And how it’s hard to find the silver lining

From so far outside a sanctuary I was so sure was mine


I could tell sweet tales – the way I go soft

At the crisp fragrance of fresh currency

Or the silk of a new dress

Giant teddy bears and fat babies

Slightly burnt jollof and birthday presents

Puppies and the smell of old books

Or all our favorite Coldplay songs

Drifting away as you read out loud

And I listened


I promise to leave out

How all of these things

That once meant the world

Fill me now

With Nothing
I won’t speak of it –

What good would it do?


You asked me to write a happy poem

But you should have stayed

The world is only beautiful with you