***Hi folks. Billy here with a surprise treat. Occasionally, we feature the works of some of our amazing fields who have supported us over the years. Today, we have something from Deolu. Deolu is…well, he’s kind of a weirdo. But, he’s our weirdo and he has been with us from the beginning.  Anyway, here’s a lovely piece by him.***

I died with a straight face, unbending unwavering
I died boldly, not a muscle flinched
I wasn’t going to go a coward, I obviously lived as one
Like deadly cancer, I saw it coming I counted the days
But yesterday was the deadly blow.

I died yesterday, I tried not to save it
My life hasn’t always been mine
But in death, I hoped to redeem it
Trapped with appreciation and goodwill
The rules I lived by broke my very existence

I died yesterday, even though I lived by the rules
Loved and lived a life so righteous and true
A reward for such has always been a life of eternity.
The hope of splendours and riches untold
Somebody lied, it was untrue, somebody lied to me and to you

I died yesterday, the last of my very me oozed away
My vacuum filled with hate and resentment
Nothing is left of me. All that is left is dead and rotten
Every smile is a ploy to get what I need
I feel empty and hollow
I’ve become everything I was not
I died yesterday, and evil has befallen me
I died a death I long been expecting
I tried to fight it for a while
But the inevitable has occurred.

For all men must die more than once in a lifetime
Mine has come a bit too late
I’ve always believed in mankind
It’s ability to love beyond hate
Why should I ever have been so foolish?
To believe in something with so much evil and hate

***That was lovely, wasn’t it? ICYMI Femi‘s story comes up tomorrow, and if you haven’t read my story from last Friday, do check it out. I’m going to go now***