Listen to me, Listen, From betrayal you must flee.
You will agree that the sea you see, Of ice and spike, My dear sir, I wish to be free.
Help me! I suffer so, I see your eyes kind sir, please don’t go.
Kind sir, kind… Kind sir, What brings you to these parts; you aren’t trapped in ice, So tell me what was your vice.
You come alone though, unlike the other poet and his friend. They came through here, He had pain in his heart and fear in his eyes, the kind you can never bear.
But you, here you stand, As if in anticipation, you shiver, you sneeze. You don’t know how lucky you are currently sir, you do as you please.
You stare at me still, with pity still… But I say to you, don’t pity me! Pity the ones up above, they are damned, their lives will be judged by a seal.
You seem troubled sir, deeply. Come let me share a tale with you, I need someone to share my suffering, willingly or unwillingly.
Come, suffer with me. I beg you. My back cries to be free!
Passed away in 1335, I, My fate sealed since then, My freedom isn’t in sight, I resort to asking, when?
Down here, silence, only! I hear cracks of ice, A shift of the body perhaps, to move again must feel nice.
The light up there, I long for it. The evening birds they fly, The old country road, I wish to ply.
I wish for food. Food so good, Food so good, steal I probably would!
I have deep regrets! Deep! It’s cold here, as you see… Still a drip of water I beg to sip.
I wonder, I ponder… Though dead, I wonder if you can re ‘take’ my life.
Will you do me this favour? A mercy kill? Will you? I feel though, I feel I’ll reappear here still…
And who knows, My punishment might be ten times over… Oh, oh, oh, my body aches, it stings, the pain, it eats at me, it rips me, it kills me, every day, forever!
I wish for death! Death must feel nicer than this! The people in the City Of Dis… They don’t suffer in comparison with me…
I want to scream! I know I am currently. But I haven’t gotten there yet. I, I, I am weak. I suffer still…
Come suffer with me. Come kind sir, come suffer with me. Come, suffer with me, I plea!
If you ever leave here, I pray you don’t. BETRAY! BETRAY!! BETRAY!!! BETRAY your lord, and let death take you! You’ll reappear here with me, it’s the only way!
You, sir, no longer kind… I see you as you turn your back to leave. You won’t get far, believe!
You! You sir I curse you, from the bleeding depth of my frosty heart!
As long as everything is pure or unholy on earth… I curse you!
You leave me in my moment of grief! You will suffer here! I laugh at you! Damn you sir! Damn you and you and you sir!
I pray the Greyon takes you! Or the Centurions, or the ice itself! You are cursed!
You, you sir… Come back, please come back. Please come back! Will he ever be back I ask.
Another gone, another abandoning me! I suffer, still, to eternity. I need someone, anyone, someone please, come suffer with me.