I couldn’t decide on what to wear. I didn’t even know whether or not I had the right clothes for this. Truth was that I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Few months ago, I wouldn’t have even considered the possibility. I have been dating Stanley for over two months and we were yet to see each other. Of course we’ve met before we started dating – briefly. We were hooked up by a friend of mine who was dating his cousin. He appeared cool and seemed to physically meet my spec. Perfect, but then again I was attracted to a certain kind of weirdness that I didn’t see in him so I already felt at the time that nothing reasonable was going to happen. In fact he had this annoying habit of playing around with the rips on my jeans and I practically had to bite my tongue to prevent me from unleashing my medusa on him. After that first date (or whatever that shit was)I thought that would probably be the last I would hear from him. I was wrong.
“Adaoma Ebee ka ina eje.”

My mum poked her head in my room interrupting my thoughts and adding to my already out-of-beat heart while I tried so hard not to scream. She wanted to know where I was going. I don’t really need her wahala right now; I still haven’t decided whether I should wear something very sexy or just go simple. Which would he prefer: make up or plain faced Ada? I was jolted out of my reverie when my mum slammed the door, apparently she asked me a question and I’d ignored her. I sighed again, not for the first time and really wished that his leave of absence went as planned.


……………Barely a week ago………….

I woke up in a crappy mood. We’ve had no light and my phone’s battery was 15%. I had one unread message from Stanley that said “Call me when you get this… I have news baby!” I hissed and used my bath towel to mop up the sweat on my forehead and tossed it into the laundry bag when I was done. I went into my mum’s room and ‘borrowed’ her phone since I didn’t have enough airtime on mine. What is it they said about how talking to your loved ones can improve your mood? Well I was really banking on that.

“Hey boo,” I sang successfully infusing fake sunshine into my voice. I had to remind myself to tone it down a bit, after all, nobody sounds that cheerful early in the morning.

“Guess what?”

I rolled my eyes and was about to make a snide remark about how only stupid people play guess games in the morning before coffee (and I don’t even take coffee!) but luckily (for him), he was too excited to wait for an answer.
“My leave was granted on the 20th so I get to come back two weeks earlier than planned. I’m coming home baby!”

And that was all it took for me to freeze up. Here is the thing, being in a long distance relationship can be emotionally stressful. Sometimes you get to feel physical for being away from your other, so you would think this news should have made me jump for joy. No sir, my brain chose that critical time to hibernate. You know what I was thinking? i already had a perfect ‘meeting my boyfriend after so long scenario’ planned. I was supposed to have lost some weight (what do you think all those green tea and lime something was for?) I was supposed to go mad shopping for sexy lingerie because when your sex life is dead you pretty much notice some of your nighttimes are torn menstrual pants. I was supposed to look all hot and sexy and all because it’s Christmas. But no, I still have my worn panties and I was as broke as they come – blame Daddy Buhari. I haven’t even been paid yet.

Na wa, God and this his mysterious waka…

“Baby, you there?”

In my very temporal brain freeze I had completely forgotten the boo was on the line.

“You don’t sound excited. Don’t you want me to come around?”

I was like see this one oh, hian! I took a deep breath and counted to 15, reminding myself not to blame my current situation on him even if he had something to do with it. I had to add a little extra sugar) to my voice to convince him that indeed I couldn’t wait to see him and that I wished he would be coming that day. I already figured I would rot in hell for the lies I tell but it was necessary at the time to make the boo happy.

Fast-forward to me sitting on my bed trying to decide on what to wear. It was the 24th and I wasn’t feeling so Christmassy. I looked grudgingly at my unpacked bag and cringed at the site of my panties and t-shirts. Being on the fat side gave me a little advantage so I was able to steal my mother’s brand-new underwear while hoping she loves me enough not to kill me later.

Hopefully, with all the sex we were bound to indulge in, we won’t get to wear clothes at all. Ah, the sex! It was just about all I was looking forward to at the moment. It’s been five light-years (no kidding) since I got some and I can swear I’ve got cobwebs down there. All those late night calls that ended with a lot of sexual innuendos and packed promises…

I sighed, dropped back into bed and felt the familiar pool at the apex of my thighs, barely resisting the urge to let my fingers go down to feel it. I had to remind myself I was at home and my door was unlocked, meaning my nosy mum could walk in any minute.

I suddenly regretted remembering the sexual conversations. I had goose bumps all over and my pants are soaking wet!

Haba, this thing sef don’t know how to behave. How can I be horny while I’m still trying to figure out which to wear?

How is this even reasonable?

As if on cue I got a text from Stanley, he was already in the hotel and I knew time was up. I chose a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, that same one I wore on the first date. Well, to be sincere it was the only ripped pair I owned and even though I won’t admit, it made me feel badass every time I wore it. I hurriedly packed my bags after generously getting my face beat – dress simple but slay right? I felt funny walking with the wetness between my legs – I swear I could hear the sloppy sounds – and hoped my mum, who was currently giving me the weird look, didn’t hear it too. It was weird how the sound of his voice or even merely thinking about him made me horny (I’m usually not like that I swear!) I can still remember the first time that happened…

We were talking about an argument he was having with some Jehovah’s Witness on Facebook and he quoted a bible passage. I sighed over the phone; I hate religious arguments and this wasn’t how I thought my night should be going. Stanley and I have this nightly ritual where at 9pm every day, we talk for hours or sometimes usually when he starts feeling sleepy. He likes to call it his sleeping pills. In fact, we have both gotten addicted to the ritual that we can’t sleep without having that long ass call – and it’s not even romantic, well, except on a few occasions. We run down a list of the activities of the day no matter how irrelevant and talk about stuff we don’t yet know about each other.
But that night, he was all about mentally shaming the JW guy he was arguing with. I rolled my eyes so much I felt the whites of my eyeballs would be scratched from the friction. I was in the mood for some romance and all my clueless klutz of a boyfriend could talk about was how he had his phone on 100% and wouldn’t mind skipping sleep for ‘those people’ (petty right?)

I was getting irritated with the line of conversation when it happened. He had been talking for a long time so to shut him up I told him that truly there was no place in the bible where it was mentioned that Jesus was born on the 25th. That, I must admit was my truest mistake that day; I suddenly became the object of his argument – the JW and Facebook people completely forgotten that he rushed to get his Bible (don’t say it) and proceeded to read it out loud for me.

“The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want….” I still couldn’t tell if it was the way he said it or the sound of his voice but I felt the rush all over my body, I was wrapped in just my dressing robe with nothing underneath. I reached down and gasped, I was dripping wet in the most unrealistic way. I sighed as I allowed my fingers to sink in…



I couldn’t find a cab. Not surprising; it was Christmas Eve and even cabbies have to go home sometimes. It was 7pm and it look about five minutes for me to convince my mum that I was indeed going for a carol while trying hard to control the twitch in my right eyelid. I consciously patted down my cloth and tightened my scarf around my neck, I finally had to settle on a figure hugging long black dress that left nothing to imagination, it was silted at the left side, right up to my lap, just a few inches more and the eyes would have nothing left to imagine. I bought it few days ago at a random boutique during the December sales and it took some courage to wear it. Already, I didn’t need this kind of dress to get a man to look at me with my curvy body already doing an ok job. Somehow, I still felt I needed to show my curves more. I wore flat black sandals and put on a deep shade of fuck-me dark red lipstick.

I had about 5 missed calls already and it was getting frustrating how I still couldn’t find a cab. I took a look at my phone and sighed, why couldn’t he come to my part of the town? Why should I have to go all the way to the other side of town? I saw a group of little girls dressed all in white with their excited voices and unlit candles going for the 24th night carol. I was barely 5 minutes away from my house and I was already homesick. “Christmas is for family,” I whispered softly…


******Two days earlier*****

I was lying down outside on the tiled floor of my family’s compound staring up at the stars while listening to Stanley drone on and on about our plans. I was wrapped around and intoxicated with the sound of his voice while trying very hard to ignore how turned on I was. It was few days to Christmas and I was wondering when the harmattan was going to show up. We were going to meet on the eve of the 25th and spend our night together. He already ordered matching sweaters and I was trying to figure out whether that was romantic or just plain weird. I was falling madly in love with him and since we didn’t really have much a physical relationship, I was finding it hard to believe it was real.
‘Christmas is for family,’ I whispered softly. I felt odd planning Christmas with him and not my family and no matter how much I looked forward to seeing him it felt wrong somehow.

“You’re my family,” he whispered softly and I melted all over.

The cab man kept giving me odd looks through the review mirror but I pretended not to see him. I was aware of how I looked and I tried so hard to pretend I was confident. Truth was I was as insecure as they come, I glanced at the time on my phone (I hate watches) and was surprised that I still had a few minutes before our scheduled time, which was surprising considering how long I spent checking myself out back home. I called him to tell him that I was on my way. The call left me slightly out of breath, the effect his voice had on me was astounding, it feels like I’m being pulled to a strong magnetic crust. Out of nowhere, I suddenly started having doubts so I made two calls; I needed someone sane to talk me out of it. Already I was so in love with him but I knew without a doubt that if I see him I would be lost forever.

Chisom picked up at the first ring, I let her excited voice wash over me like a dash of martini, I could tell she was excited even before she said a word and I sighed.

“OMG are you with him yet? What is happening? Tell me, tell me, tell me!” I suddenly regretted making the call as she seemed even more excited than I originally thought.

“I’m thinking of bailing out. Like I feel less excited, I mean this is something I’ve been looking forward to for ages now and I can’t even feel a little bit excited?”

“Don’t you dare…”

I stopped listening; I knew calling her was a lost cause. I pretended to listen as she went on and on about how foolish I was and how I had obviously gotten comfortable being single. I pretended to agree with her just so she could stop talking and it worked.

I called Prisca next.

“What the fuck! You’re a fool, you better go over there and not keep the poor boy waiting, period!’

She hung up and I sighed. Of course they were right. What was I thinking? I have been a bit out of touch both physically and emotionally with my best friend so I didn’t even bother calling her. But I actually felt much better after the calls I’d already made. I knew deep down I really couldn’t wait to get there. i just couldn’t hide down my insecurities enough to feel that.


Still clumped up in my thoughts, I didn’t even know when we got to the hotel. I got down and walked slowly to the receptionist, a fair-skinned pretty girl with an insincere smile.

“Room 209 please,” I said injecting all manner of frost and class into my voice. She gave me a rude once over and raised a brow, I raised a brow too and cocked my head to the side.

“Is the occupant expecting you?”

Really? I bit my tongue and nodded.

“Your name please?”

She called to confirm and I left with a bounce, feeling a small sense of victory. Petty, I know but I didn’t really give a hoot at this point.

I got to the door faster than I anticipated and stood there. I was prepared to stand for quite a while till I could muster up the courage to knock but the universe had other plans for me. My phone chose that moment to ring, it was a loud tone. I turned off the ringer, knocked and he opened the door almost as soon as I took my fist off the door. I walked in quickly, allowing him to shut the door. The room was chilly, I dropped my bag and turned to look at him and suddenly wished I hadn’t, he was taller than I remembered, bigger and darker.

I stood and stared at him. I felt the world slowly going out of focus, Is he a god made man? How can one person be this perfect? Hold so much energy? I lost my composure and all I could think of right then was what his lips would feel like, his breath on me, his hand on my body, I felt like reaching out, feeling him, the beat of his heart beneath my hands.

He didn’t say a word, just kept staring at me. My throat was dry.

“This place is so far, I haven’t been to this part of the town before,” my voice came out sounding raspy, like I licked a bagful of Tom-Tom. I licked my lips, he still didn’t say a word as he reached out and stroked my cheek with one long finger. He drew me closer to his body and rubbed his nose against mine, breathing in deeply. I let my scarf fall to the ground.

“I have waited too long to kiss your lips baby,” his voice came out strained, like he was trying hard to hold himself back. I realized i was no longer standing but was leaning on him so heavily that he was supporting most of my weigh. He had his hands around my waist and his lips on my neck. I moaned and clutched his shoulders for support, I felt my whole body vibrate under his roaming hands and I was impatient. I wished he would kiss my lips so hard. He suddenly let me go and i slowly sank down to the bed, dazed.

He asked if I needed to freshen up and I nodded like I was mute. I spent a little more time in the bathroom gathering my scattered wits about me. He was waiting for me when I came out. I was wearing a black t-shirt and panties and I flushed a little as I walked slowly towards him. I knew I needed to keep my cool, I felt like a 16-year-old finally going to prom with the school football captain.

‘Hungry?’ He asked and I smiled shyly.

“Yes, but not for food.”

I watched him exhale slowly, the tip of his tongue darting out to lick his lips, I saw his eyes widen with shock and I felt a little bit of satisfaction that I was able to shock him, even if it was a little. We stood and started at each other for a little while – it probably wasn’t that long but who was keeping track?

He kissed me then, slowly at first then hard, and I kissed him back, I felt like someone that was starving and I drank him in. I couldn’t get enough and I clawed at his clothes, he took it off. I whined in protest as he let me go, he asked me to lie on the bed and I did, I was already a wet mess. I glanced at him and smiled shyly, He didn’t, He stroked me over the length of my panties and slowly with his eyes on me he sank on long finger inside me and I hissed loudly, squeezing my eyes shut.

“Eyes open,” he said softly, “I want to watch you watch me.”

I gasped and sighed again as a second finger joined the first. I was on fire, he was killing me and I was sure he knew it. He would stop each time he felt I was reaching an orgasm and then he would start again. Torture. He asked me to spread my legs and I did without question, I was really expecting him to take me with his mouth but he didn’t, I felt his breath on my skin, he wasn’t touching me he was just breathing.

“You smell heavenly, I am sure you’d taste heavenly too.”

I heard more than felt the rip of my panties and then his mouth was on me. I felt myself exploding inside and my back was arched like a bow. He didn’t stop; he kept on torturing me with his tongue till he was sure he got the last of me. He came up and was over me supporting his weight with his elbows. He grinned mischievously.

“Nice seeing you after all this time baby. Oh, you taste mighty fine too!” We both fell into fits of laughter. I nudged him to the side and rolled over so I was lying on my side too, I let my fingers move slowly down and I stroked his dick, he was as hard as rock and exhaled softly. I grinned.

“Mind if I return the favor?”

I let my fingers trail his length and marveled at the sheer size of it, he had a fat one and my fingers were barely able to cover his width, I wondered briefly if he’d fit.

“I’m all yours baby.”

I pushed him onto his back and kissed his neck, and then I kissed his nipples and sucked them slowly. I remembered sometime ago that he told me that was one of his sensitive spots. I let my teeth graze him while I still had my hands on his dick, I was impatient, I wanted to taste him so I knelt between his legs and leaned down a bit, he was watching me with half closed eyes and had a pensive look on his face. I licked the tip first, it tasted a bit salty.


He gasped and allowed his head to fall back. I took the whole length of him into my mouth and he moaned out loud. It was a quick one, I had barely started to work on him when I felt him stiffen slightly ready to cum. I pulled him off my mouth and stroked him gently, I was unsure whether or not I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I leaned over him instead and bit his nipple. He came loudly with thick spurts of sperm all over his body and mine. I smiled victoriously as I leaned down to lick the tip of his dick. He reached down and drew me onto his chest…


We talked for hours; we just lay naked on the bed and talked. We’d kiss and then we’d talk and kiss again, we couldn’t get enough of each other; it was like we’ve known each other forever. We were giggling like lost teenagers. All my earlier anxieties forgotten, I felt complete and whole, it was real, yes it felt real now.

“I love you,” He said, kissing my nose. I smiled; I believe it now as I stared into his eyes. I could see it now, and I loved him quite as much.

I glanced briefly at the wall clock, it was 10:45pm, I was famished.

As if he read my mind he said, “I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat.” It took some convincing on his part to get me off the bed. We wore the matching sweaters he got and I didn’t feel so silly wearing them with him. We strolled to the nearest eatery just across the hotel. I could hear Christmas songs everywhere; it was almost magical, almost…

“Hey! Ada! Fancy seeing you here, I thought you were in Lagos. How far? Jesus, you’re still adding oh, this Buhari no affect you at all?”

It was an old classmate and he shattered the magic. Na wa.

I accepted the awkward half hug he gave me and smiled as he glanced at Stanley – who was standing calmly beside me observing the exchange with an amused expression on his face –before looking back at me grinning broadly. I flushed and wondered if he could detect the embarrassment on my just-thoroughly-fucked face. Luckily he went off quickly after that.

“Miss popular.” Stanley murmured and I poked him with my elbow.

“Tell me, is smacking your ass in public part of your bucket list?”

I giggled and just like that we were back to the playful mood.

It was 45 minutes to midnight and we were still roaming the streets lazily. We’d eaten and now we were just enjoying the cold, festive air. We went back into the hotel and decided to sit for a while at the reception. I couldn’t help but give the receptionist a smug look. Suddenly I felt like I knew exactly what I wanted, at that time, at that moment I felt free and whole.

“The first time we met, did you ever think we would get here?”

He wasn’t looking at me when he asked.

“Did you know we would be so much into each other? Because I didn’t. Did you?”

“I knew though,” I said softly. “I knew I did from that first moment we met. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight but…familiarity. Like…” I shifted in my position to describe my point in a comical way putting a smile on his face. “Oh hello, it’s you! It’s going to be you.”

He smiled and tapped my nose and suddenly I took a deep breath. “I want you to make love to me tonight.”

The room was freezing but I didn’t even notice. The bed was looking too large, too cold, I’m shaking like a leaf.

This is it, this is finally it. After all this time, I’m going to do it.

My breath was shallow and I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off him as he undressed, slowly. God he was beautiful in a heart-stopping way. He stepped out of his boots and my eyes widened. What is it about naked feet?

He looked at me and said softly, “I assume you’re not taking any pills?”

What? Crap! I flushed and shuffled my feet a little.

“It’s okay,” he said, while moving to his bag to remove a pack of condoms. I suddenly felt cold and I wrapped my arms around myself. He strolled towards me, sexy, hot, predatory, eyes glowing and my throat ran dry, my heart begins to pound and I felt my organs failing. Desire, hot and wet tightened my belly.

He took off my sweater slowly, tossing it at the corner he held the band of my jeans and pulled me to him, I felt his erection through the thick material of his jeans and I felt hot all over.

“Do you have any idea how much I love you?” He whispered and my breath caught in my throat. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he ran his fingers down my cheeks to my chin. He lifted my face up, “Do you have any idea what I would do to you?”

The muscles in the deepest, darkest part of me clenched in the most delicious fashion, the feeling was so sharp. I felt like closing my eyes but I was hypnotized by his eyes staring into mine, he kissed me softly, slowly, his lips melding into mine. He kissed me all over, trailing wet kisses across my nose, eyes and then he stood back and gazed down at me. I was wearing mom’s new black panties and purple lacy bra, thank heavens.

“I want to kiss every single inch of your skin.”

Oh my!

He puts his hands around me and hauls me into him, kissing me hard, his mouth demanding, one hand at the base of my skull and the other on my behind. He squeezed me gently and pushed his erection into me, I could barely contain myself. I moved my hands to his neck and deepened the kiss. He suddenly lets me go and dropped down to his knees.

He grabbed my hip with both hands and ran his tongue around the hem of my panties, seeing him on his knees, feeling his mouth on me was so unexpected and I tried so hard to quiet my too-loud breathing. Still on his knees he pushed me gently and I fell back to the bed. I was lying on the bed dressed only in bra and panties and he was gloriously naked, his eyes on me the whole time as he leaned over me grasping each of my ankles and pulling my legs apart.

He crawled in between them, hovering slightly and I squirmed with need. Then he leaned down and kissed the inside of my thighs. He trailed soft kisses over the thin material of my panties and grabbing the hem, I hurriedly pulled it off. He chuckled.

“In a hurry are we?”

He slowly dipped his tongue into my navel. My skin was burning and I clawed at the sheets around me. He lay down beside me and dipped his index finger into the cup of my bra, yanking it down. My nipples were hard and leaning down he blew gently on one while slowly using his thumb to caress the other. His lips closed around one and I felt the pull deep down my groin, I was beyond coherent at that point and I needed release. I pulled his head back towards mine and kissed him deeply, rubbing myself slowly up and down the length of him to relieve some of the pressure already building up in me. His hands trailed down to my hips and he let his fingers slide inside my vagina.

“God you’re so wet.”

He thrust his fingers inside me and I cried out but he continued and I felt my whole body building up. Suddenly he stopped and sat up, pulling his boxers off, his erection sprang free and my eyes widened like I didn’t just see it some hours ago. He reached over and grabbed a condom then moved between my legs and further spreading them apart, he knelt and pulled it onto his considerable length.

I went cold. Will it? How?

As if he could read my mind, he smiled, “Don’t worry, you expand too.”

He leaned down and hovered over me, hesitating slightly, stroking his hands up and down the length of him. I noticed I was still wearing my boots.

“You sure about this?’’ He asked, staring intently into my eyes.

“Please,” My voice was breathless and I was panting.

“Pull your knees up,” he ordered and I was very quick to obey. He positioned the tip at the entrance of my vagina and slams into me.

I cried out as I felt a sharp pain as he ripped through my hymen. He stopped, breathing harshly, and stared down at me with an unreadable expression on his face. I gripped his forearms while he waited for me to adjust to his size. I felt so full and after some time he eased slowly back and thrusts into me again. His eyes closed as he groaned. I cried out a second time and he stopped. I was breathing fast. I still felt slight pain and I felt tears leak down the corner of my eyes, drying up immediately and creating a streak line down the corner of my face.

He moved again and this time he didn’t stop, shifting his weight to his elbows and pinning me down so I couldn’t move. He thrusts in and out of me slowly at first and then he speeds up, I moaned and he kept on. He held my head between his hands and kissed me hard, his teeth pulling at my upper lip. I could feel something building up inside me like before and I stiffened as he thrusts on and on. Even with the cold I was hot.

“Come for me baby.”

That was my undoing. I exploded around him as I climaxed and as he cums, he calls out my name, thrusting hard, and then stiffening as he emptied himself.

I was still panting, trying to get my beating heart under control.

Wow that was just wow!

I opened my eyes and he had his forehead pressed against mine, he was still inside me.

Leaning on his elbows he grinned at me and I grinned back. I was deliciously sore. He leaned forward and kissed my neck; he then trailed kisses up my chin and stopped right at my left ear, and then whispered, “Merry Christmas.”